Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beginner-Christian Living

More resources for the beginner Christian on Christian living.

Christian Living—Beginner
Trusting God by Jerry Bridges—This book unfolds God’s Sovereignty, Goodness, and Wisdom that will anchor the soul of any believer who trust Him amidst the afflictions of life. A great book for applying the Sovereigty of God to our lives in a practical way.
Pursuit of Holiness by Bridges—It introduces the doctrine of sanctification as the pursuit of every true follower of Christ.
Disciplines of Grace by Bridges—a very helpful book on understanding the relationship between grace and using the means of grace to grow spiritually.
Humility by C. J. Mahaney—this is a helpful and practical book on humility. Augustine said the three most important things in the Christian life are humility, humility, and humility.
How Can I Change by C. J. Mahaney—it goes through some of the means of change in the Christian life: word, law, prayer, communion, etc.
How People Change by Paul Tripp or Changing Hearts Changing Lives DVD—explains how real change takes place in a Christians life with a very important emphasis upon the heart.
When People are Big and God is Small by Ed Welch—if you think you don’t have fear of man problems, then you haven’t read this book. But Welch not only diagnoses your fear of man/people-pleasing idolatry, but he gives you the hope of the gospel and a plan to cultivate a greater fear of God. Because he who fears God fear no one and nothing.
Cross-Centered Life by C. J. Mahaney—great call to keep the cross the main thing in our life. The cross is the heart of Christianity and should be the heart of the Christian life.
The Treasure Principal by Randy Alcorn—helpful book to give the Scriptural principles of finances without getting in the details of specifically how to do your own finances.
The Peacemaker by Ken Sande—the best book in resolving conflict in print. He goes through the 4 G’s of resolving conflicts: Glorify God, Get the log out of your eye, Gently restore, Go and be reconciled. The book will change your marriage if you apply it. It also helps cultivate peace within the body of Christ. We all have a tendency to be
Sex Isn’t the Problem, Lust Is by Josh Harris—the bets book in print on dealing with sexual immorality. He does shy away from uncomfortable discussions. It is gospel centered and very practical on how to deal with this sin that many Christians are entangled in. Formerly published as Not Even a Hint. I am not sure why they changed the title, but the content is the same except for an extra appendix in the newer edition on dealing with internet pornography.
God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems by Wayne/Josh Mack—very good workbook that would be an excellent discipleship manual for a new believer or any believer who has not yet been taught how to fight sin and grow in the Lord.
Stop Dating the Church by Josh Harris—great book for this non-committal generation. He goes through some of the important things to look for in a good church an exhorts people to commit to the local body.
Guidance and the Voice of God by Philip Jensen—probably the best introductory book on decision making from a biblical perspective. This is a huge issue in discipleship. If find many Christians paralyzed in their decision-making because of misunderstanding what the Bible teaches on this issue. It dispels the common ideas that paralyze Christians in making decisions: fleeces, peaces, and signs. He beckons readers to understand three different categories of decision: righteousness, wisdom, triviality. This alone is worth the price of the book.

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