Monday, September 29, 2008

Desiring God Conference

Well, it is great to be back from the DGM national conference. It was a great conference. I worked the book table for Mathias Media and was able to have some good conversations encouraging people towards discipleship and evangelism. The talks were all helpful. Sinclair Ferguson opened the conference with an excellent exposition of James 3. It was a very clear exposition of the text that was convicting. He had a great illustration that came from his personal experience. He speaks with a Scottish accent and wherever he goes in the States people ask him where he is from. He asked, "do people know where you are from because you speak a heavenly accent?"

Driscoll was edgy as was expecting but gave some challenging thoughts to think through the different kinds of speech that Jesus used towards sinners versus false teachers.

Tripp's message was excellent. It is no surprise that the man that taught me about heart idolatry would relate our use of words to the heart and our ruling desires and idols.

Piper delivered an excellent message on the place of eloquence in evangelical preaching. He did well exegeting 1 Co 1-2 and answering why Paul was averse to eloquence in preaching in the light of the historical background of the Sophists in Corinth.

If you want to watch, listen, or read any of the messages then you can click here.

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