Monday, September 15, 2008

The Beginning of the end: UK begins to adopt Sharia Law

I recently read an article here that states that judicial courts in Great Britain are adopting Sharia law in some instances. Sharia law is Islamic religious law. Some estimate that within 20 years the UK will be an Islamic state under Sharia law. One scholar who is on the inside of UK politics believes that this will take place within 20 years. I believe this is an extremely foolish and naive decision for Great Britain. It fails to understand that Islam's goal is to take over the countries by any means necessary.
What is the response of the church. The temptation is to run for your guns, but Christ has something far better. Let us uphold the precious gospel of Christ to our Muslim friends and neighbors. Let us pray for missionaries to Muslim saturated countries. Let us be willing to go ourselves. For straight talk on Islam without the nauseating political correctness of modern media, check out any of Dr. Bob Morey's videos on Islam.


Missy said...

Matt, is Bob Morey the guy we listened to on the way down to the "Together for the Gospel" conference? :)

Ron Starcher said...

Matt - I discovered your blog this evening. Good words. I particulalry appreciated yoour comments on gambling. Thanks.

Matt said...

Yes, Bob Morey is the man we listened to in debate.

Matt said...

Ron, thanks for your kind words. I guess this is my meager contribution to the anarchy of the blogosphere.